Work Room

What Happens Here

  • Mail distribution
  • Work space for collating and assembling documents
  • Storage of office supplies
  • Shared copiers, printers and facsimile machines
  • Sorting of recyclable trash

What to Look For

  • Is the church served by a single work room or by multiple small spaces distributed throughout the facility?
  • Who is permitted to use the work room?
  • What kinds of cabinets are provided for storage?
▪   Closed storage cabinets
▪   Open storage shelves
▪   Drawers
▪   Lockers
▪   Work surfaces
▪   Mail boxes
  • How easy is it to see what materials are available and what needs to be restocked?
  • Can valuable materials secured?
  • Does the work room double as a break room?

Why It Matters

Whether it’s called the “work room,” “copy room,” “mail room,” or something else, like the kitchen in your home or apartment, this room is often the heart of daily activity for a church’s office.


Resist the temptation to combine the work room with a break area.  Though this is an efficient use of space, it can bring an inappropriate seriousness to the activity that knits a team together and an inappropriate informality to important work.

Room x Room posts are brief examinations of the nature, purpose and potential of typical spaces used in ministry. The intent is to help users see and consider how each component contributes to (or hinders) the ministry it serves.