Welcome and Information Center

What Happens Here

  • Visitor information
  • Literature display and distribution
  • Electronic program and ministry information displays
  • Program and ministry registration

What to Look For

  • Is everything in one place or are multiple centers distributed throughout the space or campus?
  • Is the center’s location prominent?
  • Is the center’s position fixed or relocatable?
  • Is literature (or anything else) easy to get without assistance, or are attendants required?
  • Are video panels, touchscreens or other technology used effectively?
  • How easily could the center accommodate new technology or a different way of doing things?

Why It Matters

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Consider taking cues from commercial venues – such as convention centers, conference hotels, and airports – that must inform newcomers quickly and clearly to be survive.  How do they tell people about offerings, start times and other opportunities with only as much interaction as their customer desires?

Room x Room posts are brief examinations of the nature, purpose and potential of typical spaces used in ministry. The intent is to help users see and consider how each component contributes to (or hinders) the ministry it serves.