God is Green. God is Good.

OK, maybe it’s obvious, but I believe that Christians have a special obligation to act as stewards, not only of the resources that God has placed in their hands, but of the resources He’s placed outside their doors. Our charge in Genesis 1: 26-28 is clear. But it is troubling and counterproductive when some who argue for environmental sensitivity and energy efficiency seem intent on dismissing what the Bible says.

“Dominion ” means what we think it means, and has scary some definitions: “subdue,” “rule, “trample under ” and the like. The good news, though, is that human beings, extensions of God’s authority and judgment, also bear His mercy and care, however sin-crippled our versions of it may be. Dominium terrae is inseparable from imago Dei. Too many champions for the environment unnecessarily provoke those who take the Bible seriously. We’re asked to pretend that critters and cacti are brothers and sisters. That’s not to say that political conservatives aren’t capable of being mean-spirited. Look up “dominion theology ” if you want to see a festive debate. But as usual, love without truth is fat and truth without love is boneheaded. Neither one is meat.