What Happens Here

  • Sales to the public of commercial books and products
  • Sales of proprietary materials for small groups and church leaders
  • Sales and distribution of sermon and worship recordings.
  • Sales of materials that support a sermon series or mission emphasis

What to Look For

  • How is the bookstore managed?
▪   Church volunteers
▪   A concession run by a Christian bookstore
  • What is the “market” for the bookstore?
▪   General public
▪   Church members and visitors
▪   Teachers and church leaders
▪   Another specialized audience
  • Does the bookstore’s location within the church facility appear to be convenient for the intended audience?
  • How easy is it to discover what’s available?  Do you require and “inside knowledge” to find out what’s available?
  • What kinds of support space are provided to store and prepare materials for sale?

Why It Matters

There’s no shortage of places to find information, but the anecdotally-reported growth in church-based bookstores is a response, in part, to a decline in the number of independent and Christian sellers, and to the desire to provide material that matches the theology of the church.


Should books about Jesus be sold or given away?

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