I’m Ron Geyer, an architect and interior designer with more than 40 years experience serving organizations of all types. For the last 25 of them, I’ve focused increasingly on serving Christian ministries – typically local churches. Since 2012, I’ve done so exclusively.

For all organizations, coming up with design solutions and getting them built are straightforward compared to identifying, articulating, and agreeing upon the motives for doing so. But for the bride of Christ, doing so matters more.

Even when we have the best intentions – unselfish, God-honoring desires – we’re too often guilty of leaving them unsaid. We assume that the other well-meaning people with whom we share the task share the same purpose and miss an opportunity for intentional unity.

And we, ever the descendants of Babel, find ourselves speaking different languages – using the same words but meaning different things. The more different our histories, the more likely we’ll experience the kinds of miscommunication and conflict that steal joy.

It’s to these two impulses that Renovating Babel seeks to respond. To the first, by offering lessons learned the hard way about surfacing and reconciling expectations. And to the second, by offering similarly acquired strategies for rebuilding a common language.